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Advancement Report for Scout Shop from Internet Advancement (IA)

Q.  Where is the Advancement Report in Internet Advancement to give to the Scout Shops?

A. The advancement report is under Reports in Internet Advancement and looks a little different, see the example below.  This report has been approved by BSA Advancement for you to give to your Scout Shop to show you have reported advancements to your council so you are able to purchase advancements.

NOTE: If you are using Scoutbook for your unit’s advancement, you do not need to use Internet Advancement. Scoutbook users should not use Internet Advancement Internet Advancement does not save POs in Scoutbook and Scoutbook does not save Internet Advancement reports in its archive, so to keep your advancement reports together, use one system or the other.

NOTE: Once Internet Advancement users start using Internet Advancement for generating reports for the scout shop, stay in Internet Advancement, do not go back and use the older version.

Information on how to enter advancements in Internet Advancement can be found here.

Select Report then Advancement Report and review to make sure the advancements are correct.

Click Edit Report to make any changes

This form can also be used as a shopping list
(you can right click and print report if you need a hard copy;
Mac – Opt Click or 2 finger click; Phone-click on browser functions and select print. ) For the final report to bring to the Scout Shop click on Generate Report

Board of Review Signatures. Because entering rank advancement into Internet Advancement, either directly or via Scoutbook, and printing the system-generated Unit Advancement Reports typically occur sometime after boards of review are held, obtaining signatures on the report may not be practical. Therefore, after a board of review is held, it is permissible for board members to sign a completed copy of the Unit Advancement Report found at www.scouting.org/forms. This signed report may then be attached to the electronically generated report and submitted to the local council. Guide to Advancement

Also see: Upload File & Print Report for Scout Shop in Internet Advancement (IA)

Updated on July 26, 2019

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