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Changing status from approved to awarded in Internet Advancement (IA)

Q. I  cannot see how to do this, and I’ve been all through the forums. We have our COH coming up next week, and all the items have been purchased. How do I change a status of an item from “approved” to “awarded”? Can I do this in bulk for all pending items that are approved but not yet awarded? We are not Scoutbook users. Only Internet Advancement.

A. Awarded is currently a Scoutbook designation.  Unless you use Scoutbook, the advancements will remain as approved.  This doesn’t affect the Scout’s records though, the advancements still show on the Scouts’ permanent record as earned.

Statuses shown in Internet Advancement:

  • Completed or “Pending Approval” – This means that the youth feels they have completed all requirements. Can be entered with either Scoutbook.com or in the Scouting Mobile App
  • Approved which means “Earned” or “Signed Off.” Items can be marked as approved by unit leaders through Scoutbook or Internet Advancement.
  • Awarded – Physically awarded to youth (this can be marked using scoutbook.com)

Our full featured advancement tracking system is Scoutbook.com

Updated on July 1, 2019

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