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Council Merit Badge Counselor Upload Instructions (SB)

NOTE: These instructions are for Council Scoutbook Administrators

If your Council is uploading this information for the first time, it will overwrite the existing information, which has been self-generated by individual counselors.

If your Council has uploaded the specific merit badges for which counselors are approved into ScoutNet, you are in luck! Follow the directions below to download and convert that information to upload to Scoutbook.

“Directions to extract Merit Badge Counselor List from ScoutNET”

“Excel file to convert Merit Badge Counselor List from ScoutNET into format for Scoutbook” (download and open in Excel)

If you don’t have badge-specific information in ScoutNet, you will need to build your upload file manually. The best is to start with the download file below, and a position-specific ScoutNet report that includes the required fields for upload, organize the volunteer information in the downloaded format and then add the approved badges. (See the detailed instructions below.)

“Instructions to upload Merit Badge Counselor List to Scoutbook”

Updated on May 12, 2020

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