Scoutbook Login Help (SB)

Scoutbook is using the same login credentials as  

If you have a account and are having issues logging in first try resetting your password at: The new password should be good at both sites.

You can click on Forgot username or password or if you need more help click on the chat icon and the interactive chat will help you.

If you don’t have a account:

Use the “Forgot Password” feature found at the Scoutbook login screen to reset your password.

When requesting a temporary password that the password is valid for 30 minutes after it has been requested. If two temporary passwords are requested this will void the first password and they must wait for the second password to proceed.

Use the temporary password in the Scoutbook login screen and again in the Current Password section of the Password Reset page.

Start by clicking Login

Then click Login again it will bring up this box.
Enter your email and click Forgot Password.

That will bring up this box that should already have your email address entered. Then click Send New Password.

You will need to check your email and should see an email like this.

We recommend copying the new Password to avoid entering the wrong symbol or letter.

Once you have pasted the temporary password into the password field on the login screen, you will be taken to this page.

Use the temporary password in the Current Password section before entering your new password.

New password requirements are: 8-30 characters Must contain characters from three of the four following ‘complexity’ categories: – English uppercase characters (A through Z) – English lowercase characters (a through z) – Numbers 0 through 9 – Special characters _ ~ ! @ # $ + – = { } ^

More troubleshooting tips are here.

Updated on September 4, 2020

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