Scoutbook Login Help (SB)

Scoutbook is using the same login credentials as  

If you have a account and are having issues logging in first try to do a password reset. First in Scoutbook, and if that doesn’t work, and you have previously logged into, try resetting your password there. The new password should be good at both sites.

Help with Scoutbook reset password:

  • Click on Login
  • There are two lines on the login window one says
    • Forgot password?
    • The other one says
    • or my.Scouting username?
  • Click on the one that says “Forgot password?”

If that doesn’t help, try changing your password at

If you have a account, continue with these instructions to setup Single Sign On (SSO):

Follow these steps to setup your account to access Scoutbook.

1.  Log into and check your profile to make sure that it shows your correct  position as one of the current positions.  If not, please contact your local council for resolution.  If so, then write down the member ID that displays on your profile there.

If your current position is not listed follow these steps:

  • Make sure you know your current member ID from your current registration in your unit.  Contact your local council to find out what the member ID is for you that is associated with your position.
  • Login to In the upper left corner click on menu and then select Legacy tools. And then select manage member ID. Make sure that the member ID you want is there and if it isn’t add it.
  • Also make sure it is made Primary.

2.  Log into

  • Click on My Dashboard > Administration
  • My Account
  • Switch SSO Profile
  • Put in your user name and password
  • click Submit
  • Log off and on again using your credentials.

If you are still stuck, you can reach the help desk by writing to: or calling the Member Care Contact Center at 972-580-2489 between 7 am – 7 pm CT, Monday – Friday

Updated on December 2, 2019

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