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Scoutbook Login Experience

Going forward, Scoutbook will be using the same login credentials as my.Scouting  If you are not setup yet for using those, read on.

Single sign on

If you had a my.scouting.org account, then you need to associate it with your scoutbook account and you do that with switch SSO in Scoutbook and Scoutbook will automatically lead you to that page if you have not done it yet.

If you never have a my.scouting.org account then you use your Scoutbook email as usual, and we associated your Scoutbook account with my.scouting so you can sign on to my.scouting with your Scoutbook credentials

 For parents & youth  who have never logged into my.scouting.org and have not used the BSA online application system and whose units don’t use Scoutbook

They go to  http://my.scouting.org and create a new account for each of their Scouts.  They will need the member ID of their Scout; they can get that from their unit leader or local council.  Make sure the new account is associated with the Scout’s current member ID.  Once the account is created in my.Scouting.  The parent should use that login and password to login to Scoutbook.  There will be a separate login for each Scout.

 For parents & youth  who have never logged into my.scouting.org and have not used the BSA online application system and whose units use Scoutbook

They login as they did before: they login with their Scoutbook user ids. If they never logged in, they should ask their unit leader to associate them as a parent with their Scout and sent them an invite from Scoutbook.

For unit volunteers and youth 13-18 with current Scoutbook accounts

If they have never logged into my.Scouting, these volunteers will have to go to http://my.scouting.org and create an account.  It would be useful to them if they find out what their current BSA member ID is prior to creating an account (they will be prompted for this number if known.)  This can be obtained from their official roster or by calling their council office.  After creating their my.Scouting account they can then login to Scoutbook using the same my.Scouting account name and password.

If they have created an account in my.Scouting, they can login with their current Scoutbook user ids and will be led to Switch SSO Profile.  If they have a MY.SCOUTING account that is tied to the same member Id as their Scoutbook profile, they enter their my.Scouting credentials in the switch SSO profile screen and they are set. All future logins will use their My.Scouting credentials for login once this step is done.

NOTE:  Parents may invite a youth < 13 to create an account in Scoutbook. Parents can also create an account for Youth < 13 via My.Scouting and use that to login to Scoutbook and track their advancements.

For unit volunteers and youth 13-18 without current Scoutbook accounts

If they have a my.Scouting account, they login with their my.Scouting credentials. If the my.Scouting account is tied to a Member id, that will be matched with the appropriate Scoutbook unit and access is provided to that unit upon login. No new changes needed for these people – SSO is what is letting them in. Please ensure that the my.Scouting account is tied to the current registration on their charter. If it is not tied to the current charter registration, users can go to my.Scouting and “Manage their MemberId” and add the new membered and make it their primary. Another option is for these users to create a new My.Scouting account that reflects their current charter memberid.

If they don’t have a my.Scouting account, they would need to create one that is tied to their membership. My.Scouting account creation process discovers the BSA membership for them based on profile attribute matchup and allows them to create an account that links into their membership. Once the my.Scouting account is created, they use this to login to Scoutbook. No further changes needed.

Starting March 1, 2019, all Scoutbook users who have my.Scouting accounts will be required to connect in Scoutbook to their my.Scouting accounts, if they have not done so before.  Please note, your account will not be deleted but you will be forced to setup SSO in Scoutbook.

More Help

Login issues are usually resolved by resetting your password.  On the Scoutbook login prompt select Forgot Password or MyScouting User Name?

If you forgot your My.Scouting username or password, you could go to my.scouting.org and recover your username or password.

If a leader in Scoutbook cannot setup Single Sign On (SSO) because Scoutbook has a different BSA member ID than my.scouting.org:

Solution:  You can now switch SSO profiles on Scoutbook. Visit your My Account page and click on the Switch SSO Profile link if you need to switch to a different BSA Member number.  Switching to a new SSO profile will not erase advancement history or award history already present on the account.

Users who never used Scoutbook before can now log into Scoutbook using their my.Scouting credentials.

If you have a member ID that is not associated with the SSO login in My.scouting, then login to my.Scouting.org as you would normally. In the upper left corner click on menu and then select Legacy tools. And then select manage member ID. Make sure that the member ID you want is there and if it isn’t add it. Also make sure it is made Primary. Logout and login to Scoutbook using the same login you used for My.Scouting (this is your SSO login.)  This will normally associate the numbers.  If it does not you can reset the Scoutbook password to trigger the association.

Some common questions and answers

1) My.Scouting id and my Scoutbook id are different.. what should I do?

— Please login with your Scoutbook account. Select Dashboard, Administration, My Account, “Switch SSO profile” and enter your My.Scouting credentials to login. You will not lose your advancements, award, training or log history that is already present in Scoutbook.

If you still have different member IDs and are still having issues with switch SSO they may need to go to My.Scouting.org and  do the following:

Make sure you have your current member ID from your current registration in your unit (it sounds like you do, this is the one we need.)

Login to http://my.scouting.org. In the upper left corner click on menu and then select Legacy tools. And then select manage member ID. Make sure that the member ID you want is there and if it isn’t add it. Also make sure it is made Primary.

Logout and login to scoutbook

Go to Dashboard  => Administration => My Account => Switch SSO Profile and setup SSO Once SSO is setup you will use your my.Scouting login credentials to login to Scoutbook too.

2) I don’t see my troop/pack information!

Begin by resetting your password in Scoutbook and see if that solves the issue.  If not:

Make sure you have the correct member ID associated in my.scouting.org.  Then we will step you through associating your my.scouting.org login with your Scoutbook account (that is what is called activating SSO.

So let’s start with double checking my.scouting.org

Log into my.scouting.org and click on the menu in the upper left, Select dashboard, then click on the 3 line menu and select my profile and make sure your positions are there under active positions.   If they are, then my.scouting.org is setup OK and write down the member ID on that page.

If they are not, then we need to associate the correct member ID with my.scouting.org. Find the correct member ID by asking your unit committee chair or council.  And then log into My.scouting.org again and select the Menu and then select Legacy Tools -> Manage Member ID and ADD your current registration to your member id.  And make it primary Logout of my.scouiting.org and Log back into Scoutbook. Go to your My Account page and select  “Switch SSO Profile” and use a My.Scouting account that reflects the correct registration and submit that change.  You should then see your troop/pack/crew/ship.

3. I am a parent and not a volunteer – do I have to setup SSO?

— If you are a parent who has never logged into my.scouting.org or used the online application system, you don’t have to setup SSO. You can use your current Scoutbook account to login! Everyone who has logged into my.scouting.org (e.g., to take training) or have used the online application system will need to setup SSO in Scoutbook.

4. What about if I have to take Youth Protection Training after being setup in Scoutbook as a parent?

Parents who were setup in Scoutbook and have never signed on to my.Scouting won’t need to create any more accounts. All their accounts are already setup with SSO. They can take their YPT just by logging into my.Scouting.org with their Scoutbook credentials.  We will also be setting up a direct link from Scoutbook to my.Scouting for your convenience; so you do not have to log into my.Scouting a second time.

5. Ever since I have linked my my.scouting info with my scoutbook account, I have had troubles with login. Now, neither my scoutbook nor my my.scouting login works in scoutbook so I selected “forgot password”. Using that password does not work either.  Please help me so I am able to login to scoutbook again.

Once SSO is activated for you, Scoutbook picks up the same login credentials as my.Scouting.

Begin by trying to reset your password form the Scoutbook login screen by selecting Forgot Password?

If that does not work,  go to http://my.scouting.org

Login in to my. Scouting.org with your normal login,  You can recover your password and login name there if needed.

Once logged in:  In the upper left corner, click on menu and then select Legacy tools. And then select manage member ID. Make sure that the member ID you are registered under for your unit(s) is there and if it isn’t add it. Also make sure it

is made Primary.  (you can get your member ID from your committee chairman it is on the unit roster.) Logout and login to scoutbook using the same login.

If you are still stuck, email  Member Care at scoutbook.support@scouting.org

Include your Council name, unit type and number, your name, email and BSA number.

Updated on July 8, 2019

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