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Scoutbook now uses the same login and password as

Sometimes your member ID changes between your registration and what Scoutbook has for you.  This can happen for a number of reasons, for example you create a new account in just to take training.  When this happens, some or all of your unit information may disappear.  This is often a Single Sign On issue, so continue with the steps on this page.

Here is how to setup or troubleshoot Single Sign On:

If you have a account and are having issues logging in and seeing your units first try to do a password reset.  First in Scoutbook, and if that doesn’t work, and you have previously logged into, try resetting your password there. The new password should be good at both sites.  That often solves these issues.

Help with Scoutbook reset password:

  • Click on Login
  • There are two lines on the login window one says
    • Forgot password?
    • The other one says
    • or my.Scouting username?
  • Click on the one that says “Forgot password?”

If resetting the password on Scoutbook doesn’t work, try resetting it on

If neither of these actions fixes your issue, walk through the steps below:

To Continue to setup SSO or troubleshoot issues:

  1. Log into and check your profile to make sure that it shows your correct position as one of the active positions. To do that, click on Menu then My Profile look at the Active Positions section.   If so, then write down the member ID that displays on your profile there.

If in your current position is not listed follow these steps:

  • Make sure you know your current member ID from your current registration in your unit. Contact your local council to find out what the member ID is for you that is associated with your position.
  • Login to In the upper left corner click on menu and then select manage member ID. (NOTE: You may have to wait a few minutes for the page to load completely and the drop down menu is populated)  Make sure that the member ID you want is there and if it isn’t add it by selecting your council in the drop down menu, entering your member ID and click Add.   Also make sure it is made Primary.
  1. Then Log into
  • Click on My Dashboard > Administration
  • My Account
  • Switch SSO Profile
  • Put in your user name and password
  • click Submit
  • Log off and on again using your credentials.
Updated on August 30, 2020

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