Training Not Showing Up

Training is tied to a BSA member ID. If training was completed or recorded under a different BSA member ID and a different member ID is being used to login to Scoutbook or MyScouting, you will not see training recorded under the other member ID.

Verifying your correct BSA member ID:

  • Make sure you know your current BSA member ID from your current registration. Contact your local unit or council to find your current member ID associated with your current registration.
  • Login to
  • In the upper left corner click on menu and then select Legacy Tools.
  • Select manage BSA member ID. Make sure that the BSA member ID you want appears, if it does not, add it.
  • Select the BSA Member ID you want to make as your Primary.

Bringing Training Over from a Different Member ID
You can try the process here and see if it moves your training over.

If you continue have discrepancies in My.Scouting, you will need to contact Member Care at 972-580-2489 and they can help you get those fixed. 

Updated on December 3, 2019

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