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Transitioning From Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts – Bridging with Scoutbook

Scoutbook will automatically transition Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts when your local council promotes the Scout.  If you wish to do it manually, read on:

How to migrate your scouts from one unit successfully and painlessly to another.

First – on the Cub Scout side.  You want to make sure your AOL scouts have everything entered in their awards and advancement, and that the sync has occurred.  Allow 24 to 48 hours for the advancements to migrate through the system.  This first step is really important because it is not always the easiest to move a Boy Scout back to Cub Scouts to enter in their advancement and awards.  Just make sure the whole world of Cub Scouts is completed in Scoutbook first. Including reconciliation and recording of information in the payment log. (See the BSA Guidance for more information on Scout Accounts.) This information will be inaccessible once the Scout’s record passes to the troop.

Second – the Cub Scout Scoutbook Admin will want to find out who the Boy Scout Troop’s Scoutbook Admin is. 

Third – the Cub Scout Scoutbook Admin goes into Connections Manager on the Pack Roster page and removes the connections from the Pack leaders except the Parents and the Cub Scout Pack Admin. If the entire den is moving over, instead of going to the pack connection manager to remove connections, go to the den page then connection manager so you can do a whole row at a time… assuming the entire den is crossing over together.

Once you’ve done these things – let the Boy Scout Admin know – although they probably received the notice of being connected to a new scout anyway.

The Boy Scout leader then does the following things:

  • End their membership in the Pack via edit membership.
    • This may need to be done by the Scoutbook Admin from the Troop or anyone else with connections to the Scout

If the troop is not using Scoutbook, stop here.

  • Add them to the Troop and Patrol through the Edit Membership
    • If you don’t have a patrol to add them to yet (has not been selected), for example, creating a “Z-HoldingPatrol” for new scouts until they are placed somewhere)

There are a few other things for the Troop Admin to do and check here.

  • Assign Troop connections to the scout – usually through the Connection Manager in the Troop Roster Screen
  • Adjust connection access as needed (look for a blog coming on what connections when)
  • Check to make sure the profile has the correct info – like contact information, school and grade, etc.
  • Reach out to the parents to make sure they know the scout has been transferred, and whatever profile updates might be needed.
  • Confirm the “Date joined Boy Scouts” is entered, as that helps with ranks and the OA eligibility report.  

Occasionally, the Scout will transfer to a unit without a Scoutbook account.  In this case, the last Scoutbook unit of record (the Pack) should ensure the Parents have full control and leader connection to their scout, and to remove connection to everyone except the admin of the Pack.  The Pack Scoutbook admin OR the parents can then edit the membership of the scout.


Missing Scout.  If a Scout disappears from your unit roster and you need to find him, go to:  My Dashboard ➔ My Account (under Administration) ➔ My Connections and see if he is there.  If he is, click on his membership area and make your unit an active membership.

Updated on May 7, 2019

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