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Ever since I have linked my my.scouting info with my Scoutbook account, I have had trouble with logging in. Now, neither my Scoutbook nor my my.scouting login works in Scoutbook, so I selected “forgot password”. Using that password does not work either. Please help me so I am able to login to Scoutbook again.

Once SSO is activated for you, Scoutbook picks up the same login credentials as my.Scouting.

Begin by trying to reset your password form the Scoutbook login screen by selecting ‘Forgot Password?’

If that does not work, go to
Login in to with your normal login, (you can recover your password and login name there if needed.)

Once logged in: In the upper left corner, click on menu and then select Legacy tools, then select Manage Member ID. Make sure that the Member ID you are registered under for your unit(s) is there and if it isn’t add it as the Primary ID. (you can get your member ID from your committee chairman if you do not know it, it is on the unit roster.)

Logout and login to Scoutbook using the same login.

Updated on April 7, 2019

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