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Why Can’t Our Unit Add a Merit Badge Counselor to Our Roster? (SB)

Unit leaders can find the list of merit badge counselors on the unit page. Scoutbook provides a search for merit badge counselors at that location. A downloadable list is not available at this time.

If your council manages the merit badge counselor list in Scoutbook when you search the Merit Badge Counselor list on the troop page, you will see results with “Approved by the xxxx Council”  under the counselor’s name and the badges listed will have blue check marks next to them.  If such is the case, the Merit Badge Counselor will no longer show their MBC position on the unit Roster page (since MBC is a Council position, not a unit position.)   Individual merit badge counselors can see their position is active by clicking on My Dashboard, My Account, My Positions.  In councils that have uploaded the list to Scoutbook, only the Council Scoutbook Administrator can add or delete merit badge counselors from Scoutbook.  A guide to Frequently Asked Questions is here.  For questions about the list itself, contact your Council Scoutbook Administrator. 

If your council has not uploaded the MBC list to Scoutbook, the results of the search will not show the Approved by council line and the check marks will be green.  In such cases the units still manage the merit badge counselors.

Updated on October 27, 2019

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